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Week of Dec 19, 2022

Highest NFT Sale of the Week

Utopia — SuperRare

325 ETH ($397 K)

Utopia — SuperRare

Overview of Fundraisings of the Week

Revel raises $7.8M to become the Instagram and Robinhood of NFT platforms

Foundation Devices raises $7M for Passport, a ‘truly air gapped’ Bitcoin hardware wallet

DeFi Structured Product Pods Closes $5.6 Million Seed Round with IOSG Involved

Crypto superapp developer Utorg seals $5 million

Arrakis Finance raises $4 million with Uniswap Labs, Polygon ventures

Bitcoin Development Company Layer 2 Labs Raises $3M to Bring Drivechains to Network

Concordex Bringing Institutional-Grade Derivatives with $1.7M Seed Round

Mars Labs partners with DWF Labs and receives a $1M investment

Hardware Wallet Startup Cypherock Raises $1M to Skip Seed Phrases

Tonsnipe Raises $100K To Build A Token & NFT Aggregator On Ton Blockchain


Weekly TVL

Gross: ⬇️$39.37B

Top 3 Apps: MakerDAO ⬆️($6.04B), Lido ⬆️($5.98B), AAVE ⬆️($3.75B)

Top 3 Chains: ETH ⬆️($23.36B), TRON ⬇️($4.12B), BSC ⬇️($4.07B)

Top 7D Change 📈: Decentralized peer-to-pool based NFT liquidity protocol — BendDAO(+8.99%, $78.11m)

DeFi News

[Symbiosis V2] Cross-chain AMM Symbiosis launches V2, enabling a serving network (Boba BNB L2) and single-sided AMM pool, making it easier to support more chains and increasing pool efficiency.

[NEAR MetaMask Compatibility] NEAR developer Proximity Labs releases NETH, a smart contract that allows users to directly interact with NEAR dApps using their Ethereum wallets, such as MetaMask.

[Visa Building Autopayments] Visa is building Autopayments on a Self-Custodial Wallet. The application is built on StarkNet and with Argent wallet, which Visa has deployed contracts on a private chain and started testing transactions.


Top 10 Collections by Weekly Volume

[ETH] Bored Ape Yacht Club

Average Price: $85.32k (7.44%)

Volume: $13.36M (+5.11%)

Sales: 389 (-48.27%)

[ETH] Bored Ape Kennel Club

Average Price: $9.71k (+32.11%)

Volume: $10.31M (+637.13%)

Sales: 2,552 (+222.63%)

[ETH] Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Average Price: $14.23k (-14.46%)

Volume: $10.1M (+34.9%)

Sales: 1,046 (-37.44%)

[ETH] Otherdeeds for Otherside

Average Price: $1.02k (-32.56%)

Volume: $8.89M (+133.69%)

Sales: 5,810 (+55.76%)

[ETH] Wolf Game

Average Price: $28.11 (+23.68%)

Volume: $4.92M (+160.52%)

Sales: 6,141 (+197.82%)

[ETH] Azuki

Average Price: $13.62k (-8%)

Volume: $3.48M (-4.96%)

Sales: 1,561 (+75.2%)

[ETH] CryptoPunks

Average Price: $78.15k (+5.46%)

Volume: $2.92M (+23.73%)

Sales: 35 (+45.83%)

[ETH] ASCIIBirds Genesis

Average Price: $12.22 (NEW)

Volume: $2.78M (NEW)

Sales: 79 (NEW)

[SOL] DeGods

Average Price: $5.34k (+2.13%)

Volume: $2.37M (+107.05%)

Sales: 444 (+102.74%)


Average Price: $6.96k (-7.2%)

Volume: $2.07M (-6.56%)

Sales: 1,500 (-47.79%)

NFT News of the Week

Dec. 23, OpenSea bans Cuban NFT artists and collectors to comply with US sanctions law. “To date, more than 30 Cuban creators have had their OpenSea accounts delisted.” [Source: Artnet]

Dec. 22, OpenSea will launch a customizable airdrop service for creators. “Creators will be able to easily drop collections on the world’s largest NFT platform with a rich canvas to express their brand, art, and roadmap.” [Source: Twitter]

Dec. 21, Scottie Pippen’s NFT sold out in 77 seconds. “Each NFT sneakers will not only feature Orange Comet’s signature 3D animations, but it will also be built as a Metaverse-Ready digital asset — ready to be worn in just about any ecosystem.” [Source: OpenSea]

Dec. 20, Mercedes Benz has filed trademark applications for the metaverse. “Trademark applications for: Mercedes Benz; Mercedes; S-Class; G-Class; Maybach, claiming plans for: NFTs; Virtual clothing + goods; Financial services; Cryptocurrency trading… and much more!” [Source: Twitter]

GameFi & Metaverse

[Japanese securities SBI, gaming firm Square Enix seal crypto gaming deal] SBI and Square Enix have announced a crypto gaming M&A deal. The companies have signed a share purchase deal for Gumi, an up-and-coming crypto and blockchain gaming company. The deal is worth around $53 million — and both SBI and Square Enix plan to make moves in the crypto and blockchain gaming space.

[Metaverse Game Studios to bring its AAA Web3 title to ImmutableX] Metaverse Game Studios has found a home for its AAA Web3 title, Angelic. The new narrative strategy RPG game will use ImmutableX. The company described Angelic as a dark science fiction-themed narrative strategy role-playing game with a unique turn-based combat approach, which takes place in a collaborative universe enhanced by blockchain elements.

[Meta to dedicate 20% of next year’s spending to build the metaverse] Despite a loss of $9.4 billion from Reality Labs during the first three-quarters of 2022 alone, Meta has reaffirmed its commitment to build the metaverse. The company has declared that it will trudge on by continuing to invest in Reality Labs in a new blog post entitled: Why we still believe in the future from CTO and Head of Reality Labs.

[Aston Martin diecasts in Infinite Drive mobile game] Aston Martin has partnered with racing and motorsport game developer The Tiny Digital Factory and launched a digital diecast collectibles range of vehicles that can be raced in Infinite Drive on iOS and Android. A total of 3,000 digital diecast models will be available for fans to buy, own, and race.

[Axie Infinity: Origins will debut on the Google Play Store] Axie Infinity is finally coming to Google Play Store. Axie Infinity announced that they have passed review and are now able to debut Axie Infinity: Origins on the platform. Axie Infinity Origins is a card-based strategy game where players collect, own, and use an infinite variety of creatures called Axies to battle.

[Animoca Brands unveils new collection for first NFTs-powered sci-fi game] Animoca brands announced a new development regarding its AAA Play-to-earn game. Life Beyond is the first sci-fi gaming universe powered by NFTs and ERC-20 tokens. Life Beyond disclosed the availability of its NFT on Prom marketplace. Prom marketplace will offer users the opportunity to trade, explore and lend the LifeBeyond NFT collection.

[Samsung invests over $35 million in metaverse initiatives focused on Latam] Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has revealed that it is currently investing over $35 million in metaverse initiatives for the Latin American audience. The goal of the initiative is to help the brand attract and connect with a younger audience as part of its digital marketing and growth strategy.


[Opensea CEO wants to work with Apple on NFT trading App] Opensea CEO Devin Finzer revealed the company is eager to launch an app to buy and sell NFT, However it can not bypass Apple’s app store policies which failed a smooth user experience. Devin then calls for a collaboration to work together to enable users to embrace NFT.

[Polygon zkEVM launched upgraded public testnet ] Polygon announced that they added a pioneering use of recursion in a zkEVM and optimized prover generation time to under 4 mins. Polygon zkEVM mainnet is expected to launch after this step.

[Uniswap’s proposal regarding revising Community Governance Process approved with 100% vote] The original governance process includes Temperature Check, Consensus Check, and On-chain governance Vote. The main revision is to add Request for comment as phrase one. It lowers the barrier by removing the off-chain snapshot vote and gives the community minimum of 7 days before moving forward to the next phrase, Temperature Check. For phrase 2, the main revision is to increase the required quorum from 50k to 10M $UNI. The increased quorum prevents low-quality proposals from moving on to the final phase. For the On-chain governance vote, there are no proposed changes.

[BitDAO proposed a $100M $BIT Purchase Program] The proposal recommends purchasing $2 USDT worth of $BIT per day starting from Jan 1st, 2023, for 50 days, a total amounting to $100M USDT. The proposer stated that the price of $BIT is lucrative at the moment.

[SushisDAO passed a proposal to direct all trading income to the treasury] The original trading fee earned by the protocol directed 10% to the treasury, whereas now it directs 100% to the treasury, and token holders will not receive any rewards. This controversial proposal passed with 58.95% yes and was opposed by a couple of whale token holders.

Regulation & Adoption

  • Dec 19 (🇧🇸🇺🇸) FTX SBF agrees to US extradition.
  • Dec 19 (🇺🇸) Binance US to acquire debts of bankrupt Voyager for 1bn USD
  • Dec 19 (🇺🇸) VISA released a proposal that could let owners of self-custody crypto to set up direct payments.
  • Dec 22(🇭🇰🇺🇸🇧🇸) Former Alameda Research CEO, Caroline Elison amidst stealing billions from FTX clients.
  • Dec 22(🇸🇨) Huobi unveils plans to launch Huobi Visa Card.
  • Dec 23(🇧🇷) Brazilian president signs a crypto bill into law.


  • The EU agrees on 180 EUROS per MWH gas price cap.
  • Amazon becomes the first company to lose 1 trillion USD in market capitalization.
  • India to become the world’s fastest-growing economy in 2023 according to WEF.
  • US annual core PCE Inflation declines to 4.7% in November, as expected.
  • US Home sales down 8% — longest decline in 23 years.




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