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9 min readApr 17, 2023


Apr 17, 2023

Highest NFT Sale of the Week

Azuki #3628

330 ETH ($ 695K)

Fundraisings of the Week

EOS Network lands $60M investment and partnership from DWF Labs

Layer-1 blockchain Sei Labs announces $50 million investment from Bitget and Foresight Ventures

Information Protocol RSS3 Raises $10M via Token Sale to DWF Labs

absolute labs Raises $8 Million Seed Funding to Empower Web3 CRM Campaigns with Wallet Relationship Management™ Platform

Bankruptcy marketplace Xclaim raises $7 million after crypto rebrand

INTMAX raises $5M seed round to build a stateless zkRollup

Social Marketplace HUG Raises $5M Seed Round Led by DIGITAL, OKX Ventures, to Build Creator-First Commerce for Artists

Gametaan ecosystem of Play2Earn games announces a 5 million seed round with Binance Labs, Huobi Ventures and others

CAT Labs, a crypto crime-fighting startup led by a former DOJ special agent, raises $4.3 million

Pear Protocol’s Streamlined Pair Trading Is in the Works


Weekly TVL

Gross: ⬆️$53.38B

Top 3 Apps: Lido ⬆️($12.78B), MakerDAO⬆️($8.1B), AAVE ⬆️($6.01B)

Top 3 Chains: ETH ⬆️($31.77B), TRON ⬆️($5.52B), BSC ⬆️($5.1B)

Top 7D Change 📈: Decentralized cross-chain liquidity for staked assets — Bifrost Liquid Staking (+74.91%, $90.84m)

DeFi News

[Uniswap Wallet Live on App Store] Uniswap Wallet iOS app passed the App Store review and is now available for download. The wallet supports networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, and charges 2.55% in fees for crypto purchases.

[Yearn $10m Exploit] Yearn is exploited and lost ~$10m. The attacker conducted a flash loan attack through Aave and exploited the Yearn USDT token (yUSDT), then acquired a large number of stables on Curve pool. The team tweets that V1 and V2 vaults are unaffected, and is investigating the contract issue.

[Euler Redemption Live] Euler has revised the redemption plan for the exploit. Affected users can now check their redemption numbers at


Top 10 Collections by Weekly Volume

NFT News

Apr. 14, The popular tea shop Boba Guys is tapping into Solana’s blockchain to launch an on-chain loyalty rewards program for its customers. The program will allow customers to earn and redeem loyalty points instantly and securely, while also providing Boba Guys with valuable customer data. [Source: CoinDesk]

Apr. 14, Binance has launched the first non-fungible token (NFT) for Brasileirão Assaí, a Brazilian soccer league. The NFT features the Brasileirão trophy and is part of a larger effort to create unique experiences for fans through digital collectibles. [Source: Binance]

Apr. 14, MonkeDAO plans to purchase the rights to the popular Solana Monkey Business NFT collection for $2 million. According to the proposal, this includes any legal registrations for the brand, SMB website code, ownership over the SMB Twitter and Discord channels and more. [Source: Coindesk]

Apr. 13, Canon has announced Cadabra, a blockchain-based marketplace for digital art and NFTs on Etheruem. The platform will also allow photographers to mint their own NFTs and sell them directly to buyers. [Source: Decrypt]

Apr. 13, Mastercard has launched an NFT-gated musician accelerator program. As part of the program, each musician will create an NFT that represents their work, which will be used as a key to unlock exclusive content and experiences. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Apr. 12, Adidas has released the first chapter of its Alts collection, a dynamic NFT series that allows users to customize and build their own unique sneakers. The new collection will offer various utilities for holders, including a stake in the ALTS by Adidas ecosystem, some commercial intellectual property (IP) rights to their character, access to exclusive virtual wearables, among others. [Source: CoinDesk]

Apr. 12, Azuki and LINE FRIENDS have joined forces to expand their presence in the Web3 space. The two companies intend to collaborate on content, merchandise, retail distribution, real-life activations and immersive metaverse experiences, initially focusing on the Beanz NFTs and Line Friends characters. [Source: Coindesk]

GameFi & Metaverse

[Mirror World receives strategic Pre-A investment from Alchemy Ventures] Mirror World, the all-in-one Web3 application development platform, announced a strategic Pre-A round investment from Alchemy Ventures. Alchemy is a blockchain infrastructure and developer tool provider, serving hundreds of projects and enterprises, including Augur, 0x, Cryptokitties, Kyber, and Opera browser.

[CEBG World closed $3M private round of financing] Crypto Elite’s: BATTLEGROUNDS is a light online multiplayer battle royale game. In the game, up to 40 players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill other while avoiding getting killed themselves. CEBG World has raised $3 million this round. The investors include Youbi Capital, A&T Capital, HashKey Capital, Kernel Ventures, GSR, Welight, IGG, and Pepper.

[Gameta completes $5M seed round investment with Binance Labs] NFT gaming platform Gameta closed a $5 million seed round with participation from Binance Labs, Huobi Ventures, Arcane Capital, StartVC, Labs and Infinity Labs. The funds raised will be used to accelerate the growth of its gaming ecosystem and build a comprehensive gaming network. Gameta is an NFT gaming ecosystem that provides players with a comprehensive Web3 gaming and entertainment experience.

[DegenReborn closes strategic funding round] DegenReborn, the innovative web3 text-based game, announced that it has closed a strategic funding round from various platforms. The game is now set for its initial listing on Bitget Exchange. By leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain, Degen Reborn creates new gaming experiences that offer players more control over their assets and transparency in gameplay.

[Even completed over $2M seed round of financing] Even is a platform that rewards fans for supporting their favorite artists directly. Purchasing a release on Even gives fans first access to the artist’s music, content, tour tickets, merchandise, and more. The $2.2 million seed round was led by CSA Partners, with participation from investors including gANGELS, gener8tor, and Daniel Rotman and Adie Akuffo-Afful.

[Medieval Empires raised $3M in a funding round led by DWF Labs] Medieval Empires is an elaborate, multi-player online strategy game set in the late 13th century. The storyline of the game initially focuses on Ertuğrul Gazi, a tribal warrior and a celebrated leader of the Kayi tribe. Future faction additions such as the Mongols or Byzantines would be added to make gameplay more interesting and to expand the playable world of Medieval Empires.

[UK’s new technology department to tackle the Web3 Strategy] The U.K.’s newly formed Department of Science, Innovation and Technology will advance the country’s metaverse and Web3 strategy. The department will explore economic growth, investment and business opportunities in these areas, as well as implications on regulation. The Government has already provided significant funding to support immersive technology.


[Sui token is coming soon] The protocol is collecting basic information to map out eligible supporters to purchase a community round token before the mainnet launch.

[Shanghai fork has successfully upgraded on Mainnet] The most significant feature that it enabled is the withdrawal feature for the validators. According to Nansen, The net deposit amount after the upgrade is -609,382 ETH, total pending rewards amount to 891K ETH.

[LidoDAO is proposing further asset management on their $ARB] LidoDAO is eligible to claim 772,621 ARB tokens, and there will be a reWARDS committee established to pursue the continued growth of staking and the wstETH Defi ecosystem. 7 addresses were selected and the token will be governed by a 4/7 multi-sig wallet.

[Solana Foundation introduces convertible grants to support the ecosystem] The foundation will be active in providing funding in terms of grants and investment, each targeting public goods and commercialized product.

[Utah passed laws to establish verifiable credentials on-chain] Utah state has established a blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Force to make policy recommendations surrounding the new tech earlier this month. The recently passed bill contained to launch of a pilot program for digitally verifiable credentials and established that DAO shall be treated legally as domestic limited liability companies.

[Arbitrum’s proposal of returning 700 $ARB to the DAO treasury is voted against ] The arbitrum community experiences quite a fuzz regarding the Foundation‘s behavior. The proposal has alleged that the foundation allocated 700 $ARB is unjustified. However, this proposal has about 84% against rate.

Regulation & Adoption

  • 11/04/2023: (🇺🇸) Microstrategy’s Bitcoin holdings are profitable again.
  • 12/04/2023: (🇺🇸) Binance US to delist Justin Sun’s Tron token by next week.
  • 13/04/2023: (🇨🇦) PAXOS to set end support for Canadians by next month.
  • 13/04/2023 (🇺🇸) Montana passes a bill the “right to mine” to the House.
  • 13/04/2023: (🌍) Twitter partners with eToro to launch crypto and stock trading.


  • IMF warns of slowing global growth. IMF forecasted a 2.7% growth vs the 2.9 previously forecasted.
  • US Inflation slowed to 5% in March.
  • Russia’s annual inflation slowed to 3.5% in March.
  • Brazil’s President calls for an end to dollar trade dominance.




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